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How to Alleviate Crossfit Wrist Pain Using This Simple Method

How to Alleviate Crossfit Wrist Pain Using This Simple Method


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When was the last time you showed some love to your Callus Crossfit hands? Just think about it, your hands and especially your wrists take a beating when trying to get in those awkward Crossfit positions (front rack, handstands, swings, rope climbs, etc)

Repetitive Trauma

Since our wrists and hands are needed for just about everything we do in Crossfit. Over time Microtrauma is created, decreasing the strength in your hands/wrists. This is why your wrist may start hurting out of the blue. Because your tissues, muscles, tendons can’t adapt to the demands placed upon it. Possibly, becoming a chronic inflammatory condition.

Severe pain, irritation, and compression can arise when you ignore the muscles, ligaments, 27 bones and thousands of tiny nerve endings make up the wrist/hands. In fact, there are no muscles that stabilize the wrist. Making it easy for your wrists to lose strength and send the antagonist muscles (forearms) in overuse trying to support.

What Improper Positioning Does to the Wrists

Let’s say you’re holding the bar in an overhead position. If you’re not positioning yourself properly and engaging muscles correctly. You are making your wrists work harder by dumping a large load(weight) on them.

When lifting, always try to use proper form. Remember to align your body correctly and have a good bar path. Keeping good form can help to alleviate pain and reduce the risks of arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and most importantly missing tomorrow's WOD due to your achy, tired wrists. 


Wrist Pain in CrossFit — Arrow Physical Therapy Seattle

Signs of a wrist injury

  • Swelling or inflammation of surrounding muscles
  • Weak grip while holding a coffee cup
  • Stabbing, aching or dull pain in wrists


Fortunately, for most hand and wrist injuries, relieving pain and speeding up recovery can be as simple as giving your achy hands or wrists a rest and using ice or cold therapy wrap.

How to Ice Your Wrists

Ice cubes or a pack of frozen peas (shapes perfectly around the wrist) on the outside of your wrist can help to alleviate pain and inflammation. If the ice pack is too cold, place a hand towel between the bag and your skin. REMEMBER 10-15min max when icing!

How to Ice Your Achy Crossfit Wrists


Don't ignore the pain. Address your pains sooner rather than later using these simple at-home methods can really help cut your recovery time in half. Thus, helping you to train harder. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to comment below or shoot me a message. I can show you how to train Pain-Free.


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